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Wolstanton Methodist Church

Grosvenor Place, Wolstanton, Newcastle under Lyme, ST5 OHS
Tel: 01782 712768  Website: www.wolstantonmethodist.co.uk
Email: wolstanton.methodist.t21@btinternet.com
Secretary: Mrs Anne Jones - Church Office opens Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9am-12 noon (Term Time)
Minister: Rev John Palmer BA (Hons) ThMins

Church Profile

Service Times: Sunday 10.30am

Car Park: There is a car park accessible from the top of Grosvenor Place.

Worship Area: is a large space which seats c200 people with and aisle down the centre.  There is a raised platform where the music group lead and play songs from.  Also there are steps up to the pulpit and lectern area as well as a communion rail which is central to the church.

Numbers Attending Worship: This can vary but generally there are between 100-110 people many of whom are 50+.

Worship Style: The worship style is fairly traditional but the use of the music group is very much appreciated by many people and they are encouraged to play each week for at least two worship songs.  There is also an appreciation and willingness for drama and to try new things.

Music & Liturgy: We have a Music Group which plays as well as a regular organist.  Singing the Faith and The Methodist Worship Book is placed on the seats.

Media: The hymns and the bible passages are normally projected on to a screen.
There is a loop system and a radio microphone for the preacher to use.
There are also facilities to use CD music and we have a licence to play snippets of films during worship as well as a CCL licence for words to Hymns/Worship Songs

Participation: A bible reading rota is in operation and the name of the reader will be included in the letter that the church secretary sends out to them.

Children & Young People: The numbers that attend worship varies considerably age ranging from 5-16.
They normally leave for Junior Church after the 2nd Hymn or Worship Song(s).
Normally the preacher is asked to lead a short children’s address before they leave for Junior Church.
At present the Junior Church uses ‘Roots’ material.

Activities: This is a very busy church and various groups meet as well as some outside users which includes a walking group, a before and after school club, ileostomy, support group, retired teachers group etc. The main activities are:



7.30 pm      

Wesley Guild


9.30 - 11.15 am

Stepping Stones Parents/Carers & Toddlers


7.45 pm

Music Group practise





10.15 -11.30 am

Coffee Morning


6.00 - 7.30 pm

Brownies (2nd Wolstanton)


7.00 – 8.00 pm

Bible Study (Fortnightly)


9.30 - 11.15 am

Stepping Stones Parents/Carers & Toddlers


8.00 pm

Thursday Contact Group


9.30 - 11.30 am

Stepping Stones: Parents/Carers & Babies (0-18months)






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